Christmas last year (2013), I made one magazine spread every day about my favorite anime, One PieceThe topic was randomly chosen by a generator. The amount of time spent on the spreads varies.
May contain spoilers.
What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort? – Paarthurnax

The word "innovation" suffers from the same problem as do the words "strategy" and "creativity". Like so many linguistic laser pointer, the business community has overused them to the point where they’ve lost their original brilliance.

— Design Matters 
Day forty-six: Electrike
Day forty-five: Staravia.
Icicle Spear
Day forty-four: Vanillish.
Some ice cream thing. 
Day forty-three: Lopunny.
Giga Impact Fraxure
Day forty-two: Fraxure. 
Worst so far…