Roar of Time Travel Agency
Day forty: Dialga. 
Gothimu Baby Clothes. 
Day thirty-nine: Gothita. 
Purrloin Master Thief
Day thirty-eight: Purrloin. 
Aqua Jet 
Day thirty-seven: Basculin. 
Magnet Rise Electromagnetism
Day thirty-six: Magnezone. 
Politoed Swag 
Day thirty-five: Politoed.
A brand for clothes or something. 
Heal Bell Peace Mediator.
Day thirty-four: Delcatty. 
Stone Edge Mountain Hiking.
Day thirty-three: Geodude. 
Hyper Voice Security System.
Day thirty-two: Whismur. 
Counselling Service Working with Fear.
Day thirty-one: Ekans.