Counselling Service Working with Fear.
Day thirty-one: Ekans. 
Chrysalis Silk Production. 
Day thirty: Silcoon. 
Cytology POKé-Research. 
Day twenty-nine: Arbok. 
Palpitoad Seismic Shooting.
Day twenty-eight: Palpitoad.
Heavy Slam Blacksmith.
Day twenty-six: Shieldon. 
Amanita Camouflage Expert.
Day twenty-five: Amoonguss. 
Lux Electrical Grounding. 
Day twenty-four: Luxio.  
Whirl Oil Moisturizer.
Day twenty-three: Poliwhirl. 
Aurora Icebreaker. 
Day twenty-two: Seel.
The protruding horn on it’s head is very hard. It is used for bashing through thick ice. 
Yanmega Wood Chopper. 
Dag twenty-one: Yanmega. 
Yanmega beat its wings is so powerful that it accidentally dislodges full-grown trees when it takes off in flight.