Beautifly (some sort of cosmetics, organic skincare, something)
Day ten: Beautifly.
Medicham Stress Management.
Day nine: Medicham.
Brave Bird Hat Store. 
Day eight: Rufflet. 
Dunsparce Financial Advisory. 
Day seven: Dunsparce.
Ethmos Arctic Research
Day six: Nosepass. 
A formal and very unattractive logo.
Bulbasuar’s Mysterious Garden.
Day five: Bulbasaur.
This one went really bad, due to lack of time. 
Shinx Power Battery 
Day four: Shinx.
Aron’s scrap yard
Day three: Aron. 
The Crows. 
Day two: Honchkrow.
Cerulean - Fine Jewerly Design.
Day one: Starmie.